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Helia-D Classic for Sensitive Skin

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Helia-D Classic for Sensitive Skin
Clinical tests have proved that the sunflower stalk extract helps to reduce wrinkles while its vitamin E has anti ageing effect. The natural plant ingredients of the cream contain skin soothing components, vitamins and amino acids. It has the PH of the skin. Recommended for skin varying on different parts of the face. It assures the balance between the dry and oily areas of mixed skin and restores the natural condition of the skin. The Helia-D Moisturizer for Sensitive skin regenerates and soothes your sensitive skin by creating an invisible protective oxygen permeable layer. Contains anti-inflammatory maize extract and nourishing maize germ oil which soothes skin that has become extra-sensitive to the environment. Regular use of the cream stops peeling, and eliminates redness and extreme tightness of the skin caused by harmful environmental effects. It restores the natural pH balance of the skin. Usage: to help the skin regain its natural radiance and smoothness use at least twice a day. Clean skin well, leave it wet and massage cream gently over the skin surface. It is an excellent make-up base. 50ML (1.7OZ)

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