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Helia-D Anti Hair Loss Serum

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Helia-D Anti Hair Loss Serum
26 carefully selected herbal extracts in alcoholic solution. Made only from natural plant ingredients, which are healthy for the scalp and the roots of the hair. The ingredients of the Essence penetrate deep into the scalp and effect there. Increases blood flow to the scalp so that the active ingredients penetrate more intensely, helping the hair to regrow even more. In case of regular use the product reduces hair loss. The hair will be stronger and vital. Dandruff of the scalp will be removed. The essence will optimize greasy hair and scalp. In case of viable hair follicles the product will help hair re-growth to start. For both men and women. Use the product on a daily basis! Used for both wet and dry scalp. Permanent hair product, so do not be flush. Daily hair care habits do not need to change! The nozzle can directly send the product to the scalp. Only natural substances soluble in alcohol.

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